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Dorset Wedding Photography – Ian & Amanda Ive known Ian and Amanda for several years and in this time they’ve been traveling and had 3 fab children. They are both very laid back and their wedding reflects their personality well. They choose to get married in swanage town hall which is a fantastic venue. They only had close family for the service which was nice and opted to have a picnic on the beach nearby. [justified_image_grid preset=1 ids=11949,11947,11959,11958,11957,11956,11974,11960,11963,11969,11962,11973,11971,12039,11998,11995,11983,11951,11986,11982,12152,12149,11999,12006,12137,12015,12131,12130,12026,12028,12051,12043,12048,12050,12055,12054,12058,12063,12064,12065,12067,12072,12069,12074,12076,12078,12079,12080,12084,12087,12091,12099,12085,12095,12115,12119,12124 caption=off mobile_caption=off] [custom_button style=”btn_big_colored” external=”no” href=”https://www.dhwphotography.co.uk/blog/”] < < Back[/custom_button]