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Shooting film on my Pentax Mx - DHWPhotographer

Shooting film on my Pentax Mx

Shooting film on my Pentax Mx

Just before Christmas I decided I would try my hand at shooting with film again. My first camera was a Praktica L and although it was a lovely camera, I struggled with the settings because I needed to use a separate light meter. When you’re 14 its all a little confusing. I used this camera to some effect but as processing became expensive I moved to digital and this is when I honed my skills.<- more ->

I spent rather a lot on a Minolta Dimage 7hi bridge camera £600, DSLR was only for the pros at this time. I spent 4 years with this camera and mastered aperture shutter speeds etc.

I then upgraded to a Nikon D80, a real tank of a camera, dropped and bashed in my bag but never failed me. Having the ability to swap lenses opened up  a whole new world of creative photography which has lead me to being a wedding and portrait photographer.

So back to the point… Having found an old Pentax mx a few years back I decided it was time to dust it off, load a film and test my skills on a film camera.
Having gained confidence shooting with digital I knew I should get some nice pictures out of the roll of 24. These are the best from the film ( my Dad took the 2 of me ). Having enjoyed using film again I decided to look for a old Nikon film camera as my lenses would work with it .
Today it arrived and I’m now the owner of a Nikon F90x and I’ve already been out with it and hope to use it on engagement shoots and weddings to compliment my digital ones.

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