I live in Somerset with my partner my little boy and my 10 year old cat called Meg . They are often seen with a camera pointed at them. I have hundreds of pictures of them all, as they are normally my test subjects for experimenting with a new lens or just a nice bit of light.I love cooking and making a mess in the kitchen, especially homemade truffles & marshmallows at christmas. I enjoy camping and I often find the weather is one extreme or the other and I can never get it just right! I also enjoy live music and festivals. I’m into all things design & technology an love to making things, This is why i enjoy photography so much as I get to combine all my favourite things.

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“When photographing a wedding I believe that time should be no boundary to capturing those special moments.”

“Dan did my wedding back in October and all the pictures were absolutely perfect! He captured all the special moments brilliantly I have a album full of images I completely love so thank you very much ! Xx”

“Megan Nightingale”